So, here at Urban Knit we don’t like to sit tucked away in an office. There is so much out there which contributes to the success of our brand that we simply have to get out and about. From design inspiration, to sourcing, buying and quality control, exhibitions and of course, sales presence… our passionate team are constantly on the go.

Part of my role as Brand Manager is making sure that the product we supply to you is of exceptional quality. This means I spend a lot of time visiting our global supply base, ensuring production processes run smoothly. I also venture out on sourcing and buying trips, which are occasionally tied in with factory visits.
I frequently visit countries including Portugal, Turkey, China, South Korea, India, Italy and of course our local factories here in the United Kingdom.
The reason we work with so many different countries is because each country has something unique and different to offer us. This way, we are able to offer diversity across our range which we are not able to achieve by restricting our supply base.
I know many of you will think this is a really glamorous job, but I have got to tell you…its hard work! At peak times of year, I can have 24 hours’ turnaround between landing and flying out again, often not knowing what time zone I am in.
I even managed to visit India during Monsoon season last year, that was definitely an experience to say the least…



On the other hand, the traveller in me is fortunate enough to see a lot of the world and to be paid whilst doing it. I am originally from New Zealand and have a traveller’s spirit, so I am definitely in the right position here.
Over the coming weeks, we will be posting about the various demands for travel. Next week, we will be posting about a day in the life of a Brand Sales Executive.

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