Visiting our Urban Knit factories. Where vision becomes reality!

Hi my name is Kate and you may remember from the first blog, that I’m Senior Product Developer for Urban Knit.

I have just arrived back from another busy week visiting our factories in China.

It’s always really exciting to see the designs develop from paper to actual product. Our fabulous team out in the factory are great to work with and with their expertise help me to create the final product that all you lovely customers get to buy.

I get to see all the processes, from seeing all the lovely yarns, the technicians put them on to the knitting machines, then watching them actually being knitted. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a knitted sock or slipper sock fresh off the machine!

Even seeing the packaging applied to watching them being boxed up ready to be shipped to the Urban Knit HQ is a great feeling.

This trip was particularly focused on seeing the AW15 production being made. (This will launch on our website in September, so watch this space!!!) My main job on this trip has been to check that the yarn has arrived in the right colours and quantities and to check that the product that comes off the machine is exactly how we want it to be.

I have arrived back in the UK but I am already busy planning my next trip! Come back soon to hear about my next visit, which is coming up soon!.